Who is Nick Pullen?

Nick Pullen’s long-standing fascination with racing began in childhood.

Surrounded by racing enthusiasts he had little option but to take an interest in the outcome of ITV Seven accumulators and it wasn’t long before the sport gripped his imagination. By the time he was a teenager Nick was absorbed in the on-going puzzle that racing represents and placing weekend bets of his own.

It wasn’t until University that he started to take the game really seriously – haunting the Northern circuit and starting to apply his own rudimentary angles of approach to the game.

His apprenticeship continued on the South Coast. By day he worked in publishing. By night he was a slave to the formbook. And he was spending more and more time – work commitments permitting – on-course where he was sharpening his tools, homing his methods and learning how to make the game pay.

In the early 2000s Nick bit the bullet and went to work in the betting industry. Never truly comfortable working for the enemy he nevertheless took the opportunity to learn – observing how the bookmakers work, absorbing the tricks of their trade and incorporating this new-found knowledge into his overall game plan.

For the last 5 years Nick has been sharing his methods, insights and race-analysis via Racing Angles (formerly Horse Racing Focus). His imaginative and profitable betting angles – based on a combination of statistical analysis and hard-won insight – have won him a loyal readership of 20,000+ racing punters who tune in every week to benefit from information and advice they simply won’t find in the mainstream racing press.

Over the last couple of years Nick’s approach to the really big races on the flat and over the jumps has become increasingly focused on his Winning Race Profiles – meticulous and forensically researched documents that seek to identify and quantify the key statistical yardsticks a horse should meet (according to the historic record) if it is going to win or perform with credit in a specific big race environment.

The Winning Race Profiles website is where Nick shares this information, his interpretation of the data and a whole range of additional advice and insights with his readership.

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